Orsi Viga

Who I am

I am a psychologist and Gestalt therapist. As a therapist, a woman and a person I am occupied with re-discovering vitality, spontaneity and curiosity. And also with accepting fatigue, withdrawal or anxiety if this is what we feel. I believe that all these polarities are natural parts of our life, all colours and qualities have their right to exist at certain times. I aim to support this acceptance in my clients as well.

I offer no quick fixes but insightful learning journeys. The main power of being in therapy with me is I think to receive warmth and attention without judgement. We create time and space for slowing down to fully experience and to reflect on what is happening – so that you can have more options to choose from, not just the well known routine reactions that bring moderate fulfillment.

I like freedom, colourfulness and honest talk.


What I do

I work with adults in individual, couple and group setting, in English and Hungarian languages.
I also work online with individual clients via video calls.

Individual therapy

individual People usually come to therapy when they feel down for a longer time, when they can’t find direction in life or make an important decision, after losing someone, when they lack joy and meaningful relationships or when they want to learn about themselves.

Couple therapy

ladybug with flower Couples usually come to therapy when they cannot solve their problems together any more, when they become distant or lonely, when they can’t understand each other or when they lack love, desire and intimacy.

Women's groups

women I hold workshops for women to enhance spontaneity and liveliness, to feel better about their own feminity and to guide them through major changes in life.

Business coaching

tree I usually support my coaching clients to develop their interpersonal skills of conflict handling and assertiveness, to prepare them for a new leadership challenge, to help to shift to a more empowering leadership style and I support female leaders.


About my professional background

I was trained as a Gestalt therapist and supervisor by the Norwegain Gestalt Insititute and I run my private praxis since 2012.
I am a co-founder and managing partner of Budapest Gestalt Institute where we train to-be Gestalt therapists.

Originally I graduated as a psychologist and spent 15 years working with organizations as an OD consultant, trainer and coach mainly in leadership and talent development, at the Hungarian market-leader OD consulting company, Flow Group.

I am Hungarian. I was partly raised in Slovakia, partly in Hungary. I spent some time in Singapore previously, then in 2019 we moved to The Netherlands with my family. All this background plays an important role in who I am now.

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What you need to know


orsi dot viga at gmail dot com

Prices and refunds

Cancellation policy

You can cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance free of charge. If you cancel in less than 24 hours before, I will charge 50% of the session fee. If by any chance I cancel a session less than 24 hours before, I will charge only 50% of the next session fee.

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Licences & certifications

    EAP logo
  • – Holder of European Certificate for Psychotherapy
  • EAGT logo
  • – Member of European Association of Gestalt Therapy
  • MAG logo
  • – Member of Hungarian Gestalt Association

To ensure a high professional quality I always follow the EAGT Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.


About Gestalt

gestalt Gestalt is a psychotherapeutic approach, with its roots dating back to the first half of the 20th century, to the work of Fritz and Laura Perls.
It is an experience- and experiment-focused method: we not only talk about issues in therapy but try out new ways of being in the world.
We respect the well-known personal strategies and also promote exploring new ones.
We are equally interested in thoughts, feelings and the bodily experience of the client as a whole person.
In Gestalt we deal with the present and future instead of going back to past, we prefer awareness instead of quick solutions, we rather explore than analyze.
We believe we only exist in relationship with others.